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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Letter To My Daughter

Dear Felicia,

You are the most beautiful, incredible miracle I will ever experience in my life.  I can never put into words the love that fills my heart because of you. I want the world for you and if I could hand it to you on a silver platter I would. I want to walk beside you on every step of your journey through life and protect you and guide you so that nothing will ever hurt or sadden you. 

We both know that I can't physically be with you every waking moment of every day.  And there will be a time when you must walk on your own.  I would like to share some advice with you that i hope might help you along the way.

First, and most importantly, always try to be a good person.  Be kind and don't be afraid to help other people, even if you must make sacrifices! Be the nicest person you know...but do it smartly.  People will take advantage of your kindness, but do it anyway, carefully - you are doing it with good intentions!  Share what you have with others, even if it's the last loaf of bread in your cupboard.  Try to never hurt any living thing.  It will be difficult and you will hurt someone at some point, but when you do - be sorry, truly sorry, and tell that person.

While you should always try to be a nice person don't compromise your values and beliefs. Stay true to yourself, always!  Be a peacemaker! Try to avoid fighting at all costs, but when you absolutely must fight, fight like hell, and don't give up until you have won or gained the respect of your enemy.

Work hard. Work very very hard now so that you may enjoy every minute of your life at an earlier age than most people. Learn as much as possible at all times. Never stop learning. Succeed early in making a decent living for yourself so that you may have the freedom to try different things and live life to it's fullest.

Keep your house in order and your life will be orderly.

Choose a career that you enjoy. One of the worst things in life is having to wake up every day and go to a job that you dislike. Life will be much easier and more enjoyable if you love what you do for a living!

Save for a rainy day.

Fall in love.  When you do, be sure that person is someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated: with utmost respect.  Never stay with someone who intentionally hurts you more than once!  If a person loves you unconditionally they will not intentionally hurt you. Don't stand for it!

Learn to speak a second, third or even fourth, language.

If you have children love them above all else.  And, tell them you love them, often. Be willing to lay your life down to save theirs. Teach them to love others. Don't be afraid to discipline them when it is needed. They will thank you later.

Travel. See the world and appreciate all that it has to offer.

Learn the following: how to fix a flat tire, how to plunge a toilet, how to whistle loudly and, of course, how to play poker!

And finally, if you remember nothing else, when you find yourself facing a difficult choice in life imagine making one of those choices and thinking about whether or not mommy & I would agree with that choice.  We would never steer you in the wrong direction!

Love always & forever,


P.S. I'm serious about the poker thing! :)

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